Swedish Naken

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"A14 Naken" Swedish coastal diesel electric kit includes the GRP moldings for the hull, deck, and tower, and polyurethane castings for the vanes and rudder.


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The Naken on manoeuvres - photo courtesy of Darrin Hattaway.

Photo courtesy of Darrin Hattaway, California, USA.

Bow shot, showing the torpedo silos (courtesy of Darrin Hattaway, California, USA).

Stern shot, showing the propeller (Darrin Hattaway).

The Naken surfacing on the lake (Darrin Hattaway).

Surfaced (Darrin Hattaway).


  • Scale: 1/30th
  • Length: 65" (1650 mm)
  • Beam: 8" (205 mm)


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